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Support http-wizard on github 💪

✨ Http-wizard weaves TypeScript magic, offering a type-safe API client and ensuring a delightful end-to-end developer experience. ✨

It natively supports Fastify interface (literally made for it) and Zod or Typebox for validation

What it can do:

  • 100% type-safe api client with typescript magic (no code generation)
  • Fastify first-class support
  • React-query first-class support
  • Zod and Typebox Type providers
  • Delightful end-to-end developer experience (tRPC-like)
  • Http standards / REST compatibility: you are owner of your routes
  • Type inference utils

Why not GraphQL or tRPC?

Both are excellent choices!

Http-wizard allows maintaining a standard HTTP API and to keep tools such as Swagger, etc to document your API. For people who wants a tRPC-like DX but still using fastify or Express with full control over route naming, http-wizard is made for you! It combines the best of both worlds, ensuring a smooth, efficient, and productive development process.

How it works

Currently, http-wizard uses Zod or Typebox for validation, axios for data fetching. Using Fastify for a new project is highly recommended for the best developer experience.

Here's how to integrate it into your project: getting-started